Download Google Chrome for Windows

About Google Chrome

  • Language: English
  • Version: 69.0
  • Size: 950 kb
  • License: Both Free & Paid
  • Developer: Google

System Requirement to Install Google Chrome:-

  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 266 MHz or faster computer processor
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet: Required to download

What is Google Chrome?

Breaking the pattern of usability, Google Chrome emerged in the year 2008 as an independent yet smart browser and in its initial stages only dominated the market of browsers. It supports all major technologies and is accepted on all operating system platforms. This browser has combined sophisticated technology with a simple user interface to create rapid but safer browsing experience. Developed by Google Chrome, this browser goes through varied updates from time to time so as to compete in the long race with the changing technology. This outstanding browser not only allows the speedy access to websites but also support the heaviest and complex gaming applications.

Captivating features of Google Chrome:

What makes a browser different from other similar ones are its features. Just have a glance at the brilliant features of this browser:

  • Inbuilt security with Malware & Ad-blocking
  • Bookmarks and settings synchronization
  • Privacy allowance with incognito mode
  • Faster speed with the simple user interface
  • The option of desktop shortcuts and applications
  • Provision for useful extensions
  • Auto web page translation



Technical issues related to Google Chrome
  • The problem to download Google Chrome on different OS
  • Difficulty to install Google Chrome on mobile devices
  • Google Chrome freezes or lags at times
  • The problem in viewing certain web pages on Google Chrome
  • Slow scrolling issue on Google Chrome
  • Unable to add/remove extensions in Google Chrome
  • Trouble in deleting History, cookies, and cache from Google Chrome
  • Difficulty in printing documents in Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome not responding
  • The problem with updating Google Chrome to the latest version
  • Audio-Video files not playing on Google Chrome
  • Chrome drivers expired
  • Connection reset trouble
  • Not able to uninstall Google Chrome from the device
  • Account sign in troubles through Google Chrome
Steps to Download and Install Google Chrome

You can download the Google Chrome installation file for free from the direct web page. To run Chrome efficiently, you must check with the system requirements first.

Step 1: Browse to the Google Chrome Download and click on the ‘Download now’ button.
Step 2: Read the terms of service and then click the ‘Accept and install’ button. You can also make Chrome as your default browser.
Step 3: Click ‘Run’ or save file depending on your browser. If prompted, click yes to Install Google Chrome.
Step 4: Click the next button when the browser launches after the installation process completes.
Step 5: After the installation, click on the Google Chrome icon. If wanted, you can set up your Google account to access the services like Gmail and Drive.

You must make sure that the download and installation process is done properly. Skipping of even a single step might lead to further troubles. And you must also install the browser from the authorized source.


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