Firefox not update automatically

Mozilla Firefox web browser is configured to check and install updates automatically. It offers configuration controls to the users of the browser to control over the updating functionality.

This can be beneficial if updates need to be tested before they are deployed on machines for illustration, or if users don’t want to update because of broken add-ons or other irreconcilability.

Normally speaking, it is endorsed though to update Mozilla Firefox regularly as updates cover security weaknesses which, when unpatched, may leave users susceptible to the Internet.

There are three main reasons why Firefox may not update itself even though that is the covet behavior of the browser:

1- Automatic update preferences were changed by the user in the browser.
2- Update preferences were changed by third-party software
3- The browser or some of its files are corrupt which stop automatic updates.

1. Automatic update preferences were changed by the user in the browser
This is very easy to solve, as you can correct it within the browser. Do the following to check and modify Firefox’s update settings:

  • Type about: preferences in the browser’s address bar and hit enter.
  • Switch to Advanced > Update on the page that is loaded.
  • Check below “Nightly updates” and make sure that “automatically install updates” is selected.

If that is not the case, change to the option and you have enabled automatic updates again.

2. Update preferences were changed by third-party software
If above-mentioned changes didn’t work, then the update settings may have been changed by third-party software. This occurs if specific instructions are added to the file user.js which you find in the Firefox profile folder.

The file does not occur by default, it needs to be created first before it can be used. Settings in are arranged over settings in the browser. While you may change several settings in Firefox while it is running, those are reset to the values set in the user.js file on each restart of the browser. It means that you need to change the preferences in the user.js file directly in esteems to automatic updates.

3. Some of its files or Browser are corrupt which stop automatic updates

This occurs in rare cases, and the best option is to download the latest version of the web browser manually from Mozilla to update it manually and resolve any corruption issues.

  • Firefox Stable download
  • Firefox Beta download
  • Firefox Developer download
  • Nightly download

If you want to fix errors and want more solutions related to the Mozilla Firefox, Just pick up your phone now and dial Mozilla Firefox customer service number. The number directly connects you to the team of expert professionals who are always there for you to resolve most of your queries.

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